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Our Solutions

Integrated Technology Solutions will architect a sophisticated and fully customizable cloud infrastructure, providing increased agility and a business-oriented focus on your agency’s mission.

Our certified cloud solution experts will guide you through the necessary business process changes, and best practices to help transition your agency from on-premises enterprise IT services to a reliable, secure, scalable, and compliant cloud-based environment.

We fully understand the importance of security and protecting our client’s environment, data and assets. Our security management framework is based upon a comprehensive  approach to security architecture, operations, and administration.  We will provide required operational maintenance services including patch, vulnerability, incident, and malware management; controls on inappropriate use of services based on your agency’s policy; and monitoring of the security infrastructure to identify and react to threats in real-time. We ensure effective policies, procedures, and security awareness as our foundation and build the defense-in-depth architecture layer by layer with industry best practices and technology, emphasizing strong security and privacy measures at each level

Integrated Technology Solutions offers a full range of cloud based and on-premises  infrastructure support services  customized to meet your specific requirements. We provide comprehensive infrastructure services including installation, configuration, testing, operational support and management

Our services include but not limited to:

  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Support
  • LAN/WAN Design, Management and Support
  • Systems Installation, Configuration and Administration Support
  • Service Desk Support
  • Data/Storage Management and Support
  • Asset Management
  • Program/Project Management

We develop applications as an innovative solution to modernize company systems and improve day-to-day business efficiency and effectiveness. Creating user-friendly, data-centric, and result-driven enterprise applications, we ensure that your business operations will run smoother and achieve higher performance standards.